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Cameron has played golf for as long as he can remember. He started teaching in his teens. Cameron's father is a PGA Professional who instilled a love of the game and a passion for helping others in his sons. Cameron is currently the PGA Head Golf Professional at one of Texas' premier private golf clubs.

Rich Beem has worked with Cameron on his swing and golf game for many years. Rich is the winner of the 2002 PGA Championship, the 2002 International, and the 1999 Kemper Open. They have known each other since college and worked together since 1996. Cameron has also worked with ten-time PGA Tour winner David Frost and several other PGA Tour players.




Cameron Doan is a golf professional who excels in many facets of his work. His PGA section awards include: Teacher of the Year (twice), Player of the Year (four times) and Golf Professional of the Year. An avid player, he continues to excel in tournaments. Among his latest victories is the 2013 section Pro-Assistant tournament. He enjoys teaching and sharing his extensive experience to help others improve the mechanics of their swings and achieve consistent playing performance.

The DVD version of cSwing includes a series of videos originally released as a separate product called "Cameron Doan: The Full Swing featuring Rich Beem." These videos include an interview with Cameron, instructional segments, swing drills and a library of reference swings featuring Cameron and Rich.

Here's a quote from Cameron about video analysis:

"Most people learn visually. Golf swing analysis helps the vast majority of my students. I've used video analysis with my father, who is also a PGA Professional, since 1976. I recommend cSwing. Video analysis is more effective when you can view your swing and professional swings whenever you need to get a visual image to take to the course. cSwing was developed with input from golf professionals, including Mike Wilson and me. It provides unique features, like the tempo trainer and our instructional videos, that will help you improve."


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Membership: PGA Class A Professional. Member since 1994.



Lowest round: 60 (-11) on the Spring River Golf Course.

Course Record: 62 (-9) El Paso Country Club in 1996. The new course record, 60, was set by Todd Fields who took lessons from Ron Doan when he was growing up.

Academic: Golf Scholarship, University of Texas at El Paso 1986-1991. Member of UTEP golf team with PGA Tour pros J.P. Hayes and Paul Stankowski.



Cameron's Driver Swing in Windows Media (120KB)

Smooth tempo and controlled power are essential components for a good golf game. Low resolution export from cSwing. Requires Windows Media Player.

Chip Shot in Windows Media (120KB)

Soft hands, touch and good rhythm are key factors in the short game. Low resolution export from cSwing. Requires Windows Media Player.

Swing Sequence: Rich and Cameron Down the Line

A still picture sequence showing Rich Beem's and Cameron's driver swings from the down the line view.  Rich's swing was filmed and sent to Cameron the Tuesday before he won the 2002 International at Castle Pines.  The video was sent on CD using cSwing's Copy Swings to CD feature.

Swing Sequence: Four Views of a 7 iron

A sequence showing Cameron's 7 iron from the down the line, front, face on and back views.

Swing Sequence: Four Drivers Face On

A comparison showing Cameron's, John Lanham's, Simon Buckle's and Travis Johns' driver swings from the face on view.  John, Simon and Travis all worked as assistant golf professionals for Cameron and have gone on to become PGA Head Golf Professionals.