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Privacy Policy

cSwing values your privacy. cSwing will not share your personal information with telemarketers, mailing list clearinghouses or bulk emailers.

cSwing sends out notifications of new releases and important news to customers using the email address provided to us.  You can opt out of these emails.

If your order is fulfilled by one of our distributors or partners, we will send them your order details, shipping information and email address. Their privacy policy is required to be at least as restrictive as ours with regard to your information.


Important announcement:

Development on cSwing has stopped. We continue to issue License Keys. Single and multiple camera download versions of cSwing 2013 are still available for purchase, but some video formats are not compatible with cSwing 2013 and some features, such as screen capture, will not work on computers running Windows 10. Please use the free trial before purchasing. No refunds will be issued after a License Key is sent. Support is limited to the information available on our website.




We offer a free downloadable trial so that you can make sure the software works with your equipment before purchase.  Every DVD we ship is completely verified before it is shipped.  The DVD media is guaranteed for 30 days after your purchase date and will be replaced if defective.  After this period or once the license key for your PC is emailed to you by cSwing, whichever comes first, there are no refunds.  For more details on the terms of use of cSwing, the Swing Library and the instructional content read the license agreement at installation time.  If you choose not to activate your software after purchase, the cost of the DVD, if applicable (currently $40 for the cSwing DVD), and any shipping charges we incur are non-refundable.  Your refund request must be received within 30 days of your purchase date.  Contact us at sales@cswing.com for inquiries about this guarantee.

Payment Methods

Our secure store accepts the following credit cards:

American Express

The store also accepts PayPal.

Orders usually ship within 24 hours.  We will send you a confirmation email when your order is shipped.  All prices on our web site are in U.S. dollars.

Alternatively, you can pay by credit card, check or money order using Fax or Mail with our order form.

Shipping and Downloads

We offer standard shipping rates at our cost for all orders regardless of quantity or country.  We ship by Priority Mail for U.S. orders ($5.60), by Global Priority Mail ($23.95) for most other countries.  Global Priority Mail orders will be shipped by Air Mail for countries where GPM is not available. 

For U.S. orders, we also offer 2-Day and Standard Overnight.  These upgraded shipping options are $18 and $25 respectively.

For Download only orders, use the Downloadable shipping choice.  For Download only orders, nothing will be shipped to you.  The Swing Library and Instructional content are not available by download.  The reason is that they are too large to easily make available by download (the files total more than 2 GB).

Sales Tax, Duties and Fees

Texas state sales tax (8.25%) is collected for orders shipped to addresses in Texas.  For orders outside of Texas, you are responsible for paying any applicable taxes, duties and fees associated with purchasing, receiving, importing or using the product.

For international orders, your customs declaration form will show the value of your purchase minus the value of the Activation which will be done over the Internet.  Depending on your country, you may still be liable for taxes and or duties on the Activation part of your purchase.

License and Upgrade Policy

License Keys

Each Activation that you purchase entitles you to two license keys.  In accordance with the license agreement, you can install cSwing on two different computers (for example on your laptop and desktop if you have both), but you may only run it on one of the computers at a time.  You cannot use your second license key to activate the software for someone else under the license agreement.

When you purchase a cSwing single camera or multiple camera version you will get a 15-digit serial number.  Keep your serial number in a safe place because it is required to request your license key.

To request a license key, run cSwing on the computer on which you want to activate it.  Then follow the on screen instructions under the menu Help -> Activate to request your key.  If your trial period has expired, the activation process is available from the first window that appears when you run cSwing.

The activation code is different for every computer.  We use the activation code and serial number you send us to generate the corresponding license key.  The license key will only work on the computer that generated the corresponding activation code.

If you change computers and need a new license key, send in a request for a new license key with a brief explanation of why you need a new key and, at our discretion, we will issue you a new license key.


Within the first year after your purchase date:

After one year from your purchase date:

We do not maintain old versions of the software on our web site.  It is your responsibility to keep an archived copy of the software on CD, DVD or other back up in case you need to re-install it.

New releases may require a new license key.

Changes to the License and Upgrade Policy

We reserve the right to change all or part of the License and Upgrade Policy. The current policy will be posted on our Web site at http://www.cswing.com/info.html.  The policy in effect when you contact us about License Keys and Upgrades will apply.