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The DVD version of cSwing includes videos of more than forty golfers.  All but four of them play or have played on the PGA or LPGA Tour.  There are an average of four swings for each golfer.  Most have iron and driver swings from down the line and face on.  Included are PGA Tour winners Rich Beem, J.P. Hayes, Paul Stankowski, Fred Funk, Mike Weir, Zach Johnson and LPGA Tour winner Kristi Albers.  All swings are used with permission from the golfers.  The reason we do not include swings of some top players is that they have not granted us permission.

Golfers included in the Swing Library:

Akio Sadakata, Al Geiberger, Andy Miller, Bob Burns, Bryan Geiberger, Cameron Doan, Chad Campbell, Chris Smith, Craig Perks, David Morland IV, David Toms, Dean Wilson, Fred Funk, Glen Hnatiuk, Grant Waite, Hank Kuehne, Harrison Frazar, Ian Leggatt, J.P. Hayes, James McLean, Jennifer Yockey, John Lanham, Kelly Cavanaugh, Kent Jones, Kirk Triplett, Kristi Albers, Luke Donald, Mark Wilson, Megan Heckeroth, Mike Weir, Murray Van Gundy, Patrick Sheehan, Paul Stankowski, Rich Beem, Roger Tambellini, Ryan Palmer, Scott Verplank, Skip Kendall, Steve Allan, Todd Fischer, Zach Johnson

Understanding your golf swing is easier when you have a broad selection of good players with whom you can compare yourself.  The swings are stored in 720x480 DV format in the library.  Here are a few thumbnail images taken from driver swings near impact from the library:

Rich BeemRich Beem, PGA Tour

Wins: 2002 PGA Championship,
 2002 International,
 1999 Kemper Open

Cameron Doan Cameron Doan,
PGA Professional

Rich Beem's Swing Coach

J.P. HayesJ.P. Hayes , PGA Tour

Wins: 2002 John Deere Classic,
 1998 Buick Classic,
 1996 Hogan Miami Valley Open

Paul StankowskiPaul Stankowski, PGA Tour

Wins: 1997 Hawaiian Open,
 1996 BellSouth Classic,
1996 Casio World Open (Japan),
 1996 Kapalua International,
 1996 Hogan Louisiana Open

Murray Van GundyMurray Van Gundy,
 PGA Professional
Mike WeirMike Weir , PGA Tour

Wins: 2003 Masters,
 2003 Nissan Open,
 2003 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic,
 2001 Tour Championship,
 2000 American Express Championship,
 1999 Air Canada Championship

Jennifer YockeyJennifer Yockey,
 LPGA Teaching Professional
Kristi Albers Kristi Albers,

Wins: 1993 Sprint Classic